R. David Gibbs


With a background in engineering and fine art, I have worked in a diverse array of industries, including; custom cabinetry, theatrical set carpentry, construction, interior and furniture design.  I’ve designed portable lamps and outdoor lighting for Murray Feiss & Royce, built a motorcycle prototype for Machineart, and did research and development of cutting edge digital X-ray equipment at CMOS X-ray.  One of my current endeavors is New York City Water Tower Furniture (NYCWTF), dedicated to ecologically friendly  and socially conscious design and manufacturing.  NYCWTF “upcycles” discarded wood from water towers as the raw material for uniquely designed, hand crafted furniture.  I was one of the primary members of the design group Collective|4 who completed a project for Dwell Magazine’s Green Building in Harlem House among other Green design projects.   I continually consult with SMIT, Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology, on the design and utilization of GROW, and innovative approach to electrical energy generation via solar and wind.   I earned a Bachelors of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and recently became an adjunct professor in the Industrial Design Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Prior to returning to the East Coast, I spent four years in Alaska where I became involved in sustainable energy and off-grid living, while the general manager, graphic designer, and installer at Susitna Energy Systems in Anchorage.  I continue to be involved professionally in Renewable Energy system design, installation, and project management with two sister firms AltPower and RELAB, Renewable Energy Laboratory.

I have always desired adventure and exposure to various cultures.  This empirical knowledge continues to supplement my academic and professional education.  At eighteen I volunteered in Mexico, later lived in Paris, and attended college in Switzerland.  I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Turkey, and the Mediterranean Isles.  My most recent excursions include visiting Hong Kong, British Columbia and Quebec.  My unorthodox perspective on life continues to provide me with unexpected opportunities to meet extraordinary people and participate in amazing projects.

No matter where you go, there you are… so make it count for something.

R. David Gibbs

An engineer, designer and adventurer with a simple mission:

       “The potential for beauty is

all around us.”